2015 | A5 size pamplets in English and Afrikaans. Watch out for bogus officials and unlawful debit deductions from social grant accounts.


2015 | A5 size pamplets in Afrikaans and English. How to lodge a land claim in terms of the Restitution of Land Rights Act(Act No 22 of 1994), as amended in 2014


2013 | A5 size pamplets in Afrikaans, isiXhosa and English, on the subject of financial scams, distributed to the elderly in the Western Cape, sponsored by the NLDTF National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.



The South African Government has recognised the need for protection of workers in “vulnerable sectors”, through sectoral regulations. However, implementation of these regulations is problematic. Umnyama brings the law to a grass-roots level – to the people the law intends to protect – by the publication of 2 brochures: Farmworker, Know Your Rights and Domestic Worker, Know Your Rights.


Umnyama’s expertise in human rights has led to requests from SA, overseas and local government to carry out research on issues of human rights. Umnyama’s expertise is rather unique, in that it harbours academic qualifications in conjunction with grass-roots experience.

SA Human Rights Commission | Enquiry into violations of Human Rights in the Farming Community – South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) – Umnyama submitted a written testimony on violation of human rights in the Boland, and appeared at the official hearing in 2002 – In 2006, Umnyama was presented with the final report that was published and presented to Parliament.

Government of Belgium | Land Reform in South Africa – Conflict Impact Assessment – Government of Belgium.


Do-it-yourself guide for young aspiring musicians. There’s a whole bunch of legal, administrative and business stuff going on behind the scenes of any successful pop artist. Since you, too, will need to know about these things if you want to become a successful artist – and if you want to prevent those people working behind the scenes to go off with all the profits of your hard work – this booklet gives you the low-down in easy, practical steps. No jargon.