Umnyama – meaning “rainbow” in isiXhosa – is a South African non-profit organisation based in the Western Cape, is registered with the Department of Social Development – 012-593 NPO – and reports yearly to the Director of Nonprofit Organisations.

Umnyama’s main operation entails raising awareness among fragile communities by means of publications, theatre, analysis and consulting to government.


Umnyama’s Board

Chairperson : Sylvia Mahlekwa

Treasurer : Minnie Pietersen

Members: fltr. Adv. Wilfred Moses (LL-B), Jeroen Seynhaeve (LL-B), Ilse De Vlieger-Seynhaeve (LL-M, LL-B), Sylvia Mahlekwa, Minnie Pietersen (not pictured Barry Phillips (LL-B), Linda Slate)